Free Tools

This extensive list provides a range of free resources to support nonprofit organizations across various areas.

  1. Fundraising and Grant Opportunities:
    • Foundation Directory Online: A comprehensive database of grantmakers and grants.
    • GrantSpace: Offers webinars, tutorials, and resources on grant-seeking and fundraising.
    • Google for Nonprofits: Provides access to Google Ad Grants, Google Workspace, and other tools for nonprofits.
    • NonprofitReady: Offers free online courses on fundraising, grant writing, and nonprofit management.
    • DonorSearch: Provides free resources for prospect research and donor identification.
  2. Nonprofit Management and Governance:
    • BoardSource: Offers free tools and resources on board governance and leadership.
    • Nonprofit Risk Management Center: Provides free guides and tools for managing risks and liabilities.
    • National Council of Nonprofits: Offers a wide range of resources on nonprofit management and advocacy.
    • Blue Avocado: An online magazine with free articles and resources on nonprofit leadership and management.
    • VolunteerMatch: Connects nonprofits with volunteers and offers free resources on volunteer management.
  3. Marketing and Communication:
    • Canva: A free graphic design tool for creating marketing materials and social media graphics.
    • Mailchimp: Provides a free email marketing platform for nonprofits with up to 2,000 subscribers.
    • Hootsuite: Offers a free social media management tool for scheduling and monitoring social media posts.
    • Google Analytics: Provides free website analytics to track website traffic and visitor behavior.
    • Buffer: A free social media scheduling tool for managing multiple social media accounts.
  4. Technology and Productivity:
    • TechSoup: Provides discounted and donated software, hardware, and services to nonprofits.
    • Google for Nonprofits: Offers access to Google Workspace tools like Gmail, Drive, and Calendar.
    • Trello: A free project management tool for organizing tasks and collaborating with team members.
    • Slack: Offers a free communication platform for team collaboration and messaging.
    • Zoom: Provides free video conferencing for meetings and webinars.
  5. Learning and Capacity Building:

Please note that availability and specific features of these resources may vary

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