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  • 1. NorCAN staff cannot edit your postings. Please write your postings in a way that will make sense to NorCAN subscribers; in general, NorCAN subscribers are not journalists, so including text like “please send out this email” or “please run this from date x to date y” is not appropriate. Submissions cannot be edited by NorCAN staff. Submit exactly what you’d want subscribers to see.
  •  2. NorCAN staff cannot combine your emails. If you forget to include an attachment with your email, please submit your original email with the attachment. Staff cannot add attachments to the argininal email.
  • 3. Submit your message AT LEAST 10 business days in advance of your event or deadline. Because of the high volume of submissions we receive, posts may wait in the queue up to 10 business days before being approved for posting.
  • 4. Your subject line should be descriptive and include a date. We also request that your subject line be free of forwarding information, even if it is a message passed on from someone else. You are encouraged to make the subject line fun and interesting!
  • 5. If you are submitting multiple postings, send them as a single email. Because of the high volume of listserv submissions we receive, we ask that if you have multiple postings at a time that you send them all in one email. Staff is limited to approving 3-4 posts per day, and doing this will allow more people’s submissions to be approved daily.
  • 6. Always include information in the body of your email. Even if you are including an attachment, please include at minimum basic information in the text of your email.
  • 7. Attachments must be smaller than 2MB each. Larger files frequently crash or significantly slow down many nonprofits’ servers.
  • 8. Please avoid jargon and use spellcheck! Remember that your postings will be seen by people outside your sector, so using language or abbreviations that are specific to your sector should be avoided. If your organization is typically known by its initials, it’s good practice to include the full name of the organization in parentheses after the first usage of the initials. And please spellcheck and/or proofread your postings before submitting it-it is the public face of your organization.

Please send postings to NorCAN@humguide.com. Emails sent to info@norcal-nonprofits.org will not end up in the listserv queue and you will be asked to resubmit.

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